Industrial Painting

    Prime Painters Perth

Our painting services are not limited to residences and commercial sites. We provide top-notch, expert services to industrial clients throughout the city of Perth and surrounded areas in Western Australia.

Just like with other customers, we offer the very best of everything. You are assured that we bring expertise and experience in equal measure. We will deliver only on the highest quality, safety precautions, value, and vibrancy of colour. Let us handle all of your industrial painting needs.

One of our hallmarks is efficiency and speed. We know that when it comes to industrial painting, timetables are much stricter than in other situations. Experience and speed must come hand in hand, to minimise the disruption to operations.

Whenever possible, we work with you to allow your operations to continue unimpeded. As much as we can, we avoid asking you to shut down your facilities unless there is a safety issue at play.

Prime Painters has a self-motivated team of experts. We've seen thousands of situations, working with clients each time to bring the best results. Whether you need analysis on why the coating is failing or developing a better system of coating, we have you covered.

Our team can handle all styles of painting, along with various surfaces. We have the tools and the knowledge to paint on anything, from concrete to steel. Our painters understand the nuances that come with these surfaces, and how best to apply a long-lasting, high-quality coat.

We cover both the interior and exterior areas of industrial facilities.

Whether you want bins, silos, tanks, or even pipes painted, our experts are ready to go. We can even conduct colour coordination and labelling, for the maintenance of your industrial pipelines.

Finally, we offer a damage-free job. We have never damaged any facilities we have painted in all the years that we have provided industrial painting services.

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