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    Prime Painters Perth

Are you looking to get a fresh coat of paint on a part of your home? If so, do you have a colour in mind?

If you don't –or even if you do, but aren't sure – feel free to ask our master painters for help. We have colour consultants with us who can help you figure out what the best choice is for any situation. They can even assist you in getting the mix just right before any painting is done.

Our colour consultant has been in the business for almost two decades. They can take a moment to sit with you, discuss ideas and options. They'll account for all sorts of details before helping you decide what would be best for your needs.

Our master painters and a color consultant will visit the location. This is a significant step because it is the only way to determine a variety of factors.

For exterior painting, we need to see the streetscape. We need to check the harmony of the new colour with the street, but without looking too similar to neighbours. It also helps us figure out how best to use the new paint job to accentuate architectural features – or downplay them.

For interior painting, the master painters can check the space to determine what works best for the intended atmosphere of the room. If there are other finishes like furniture or woodwork, those are also considered.

Finally, no matter where the painting is done, light sources are checked. This way, our master painters and colour consultant can gauge how differently the paint looks under natural and artificial lighting.

Getting a new paint job can be a big decision. Don't just guess if you aren't sure. Call us for a colour consultant before any coloursare mixed so that you can get the best choice possible from the get-go.

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