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Do you want to change the color of your interior from salmon pink to something more your tastes?

Are there areas of your home where water damage has begun to chip away at the colors?

Did the last batch of painters that did your home not do a good enough job?

Has the sometimes-harsh Perth weather torn away at your once-vibrant exterior?

Do you, for any reason, just think you need painters?

Your search is over, friend. Prime Painters Perth is here and ready to serve.

Now, you might be thinking that you could do the painting yourself.

However, between time constraints, the possibility of the project being bigger than you initially thought, and not being a professional, wouldn't it be better to get painters to do it instead? It'd certainly be easier. What do we offer here at Prime Painters Perth?

For starters, we offer a full range of paint types.

Do you want something economical? Are you in the market for something that can take punishment from a harsh environment? Do you think your home deserves only the best and most vibrant, "popping" paints?

No matter what type you want, Prime Painters Perth has experience in how to use it, how to apply it, and how to maintain it. Whether it's acrylic, oil-based, or another variant, we have the experts and painters.

Are you looking for someone to repaint your home to that lovely lavender and violet you've always wanted it to have? Does the green on the exterior walls need a touch-up? Do you need to give your office a more professional color scheme than neon pink and viridian green?

Prime Painters Perth is ready to deliver, whether it's a new coat, changing an existing color scheme, or maintenance on the walls and colors.

Of course, we're also concerned about your convenience. When you drop by our office in central Perth, you'll find paints and experts. You'll see samples of our work, from how the colors look on materials to pictures of previous clients.

Our experts will answer any questions you have and help you understand the limitations and strengths of various types of paint.

We will provide you a free quote for our services. Our painters will arrive at a time of your choosing, so you can schedule us to get there whenever you think you have the time.

All of our painters are professionals. They have collective decades of experience between them. Your home is safe, because they know all the ins and outs of painting, from mixing colors to getting them to stick and "pop" despite challenging surfaces.

Don't hesitate now. You've got yourself an opportunity to get the color scheme of your dreams done in your home or office.

We are so confident in our painters that we guarantee their work and have everything insured, so you have minimal problems with liabilities.

From mixing the colors to applying them to the walls, getting primers to helping you pick between acrylic and oil-based, Prime Painters Perth is a full-service, reliable painters company.

Happy Testimonials

A big thank you for your excellent professionalism and politeness throughout the whole job. We have received many compliments already on how great the house looks. We have done our own inspections and have found no errors what so ever.

Kylie Rimsin

The crew were on time every day, and they worked hard until the job was completed, always paying attention to detail, listening to what we wanted and adjusting their work accordingly. We are extremely impressed with the finished product.

Mitchell Keyer

The quality of your workmanship and the standard in which you delivered the work was way above our expectations. With the painting completed on schedule we had no issues moving into our new house, and as a new home owner, I recommend Prime Painting Perth.

Lisa Ventler

I have worked with Prime Painters Perth for a number of years and not once have I been let down in their quality of service, both in a business relationship and in their painting. The painters are thorough and they always arrive on time and clean.

Lauren Michaels

I used Prime Painters Perth after being recommended by a friend and I too was very impressed with your crew and their level of workmanship. Their experience reflected in their quality work and they made no mess whatsoever. I am very satisfied, so thank you again.

Warren Nel

If you are looking for a high standard painter, then look no further than these guys. After meeting with several other painting contractors, it was very evident that Prime Painters were the ones to pick in Perth, and I certainly made the right decision.

Robert Zolo

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